Directors of Queens Bush Rural Ministries

The people behind Farmers In Crisis are farmers themselves from communities nearby. They understand the challenges facing the people in agriculture and face those same challenges everyday.

Alex Leith - Coordinator

Alex enjoys working with rural people and is committed to helping them in any way he can. He operates a beef cow-calf farm near Durham. Before joining Queen's Bush Rural Ministries, Alex served with the Ontario ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for many years, as an ARDA Counsellor, Extension Assistant, Rural Organization Specialist, and Rural Community Advisor. He is a member of Amos Presbyterian Church in Southgate Township.

Other directors:

  • Carol Leibold - Normanby
  • Carl Watke - Arran Elderslie
  • Dennis McGuire - Arran Elderslie
  • Marie Hammell - Arran Elderslie
  • Harvery Monkman - Arran Elderslie
  • Murray Donaldson - Howick
  • Russell Rogers - Southgate
  • Lillian Burgess - Sullivan
  • Don Ahrens - Brant
  • Sam Lemon - Grey Highlands
  • Deborah McKellar - Normanby
  • Lorne Underwood - South Bruce
  • Noah Martin - Bentick
  • Pat Horrigan - North Wellington
  • Vern Foley - Mapleton

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In 2008 we received the FAB (Farm Advisory Board) award, sponsored by CKNX radio, in recognition of our longstanding commitment to the local farming community.

Please feel free to contact us by our mailing address:

Queen's Bush Rural Ministries
120 First Avenue S.
P.O. Box 39
Chesley On NOG1LO